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The 4th International culinary festival has just ended in Kranjska Gora. There were 112 competitors from 12 different countries involved. The victory remained in Slovenia once again, the highest number of points and win was claimed by Syu Poropat. Among the youngsters, Juš Dolničar impressed the judges the most.

Hotel Ramada Resort, which was in the sign of white chefs’ clothes and hats last few days, offered the possibility of viewing interesting culinary exhibitions and direct following of the competitors at work to the visitors. This was a nice opportunity for cooking students, to see the diverse chef’s profession. One of the most numerous groups of visitors was a group from Secondary School for catering and tourism from Ljubljana. With this, the festival can claim to play a role of a promoter of the catering profession among the young.

Hotel company Hit Alpinea was the organizer of the International Culinary Festival Kranjska Gora. They have complemented the programme with different events. Masterclass of top chef Simon Bertoncelj and Večerja pod Alpami, at which chefs from 3 different countries presented their creations to around 60 of the gathered guests, received a lot of attention. Klemen Drole (the head of the kitchen at Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora was joined by Fabrizio Veženaver (the head of the kitchen at Pergola restaurant, Istra, Croatia), Dalibor Janačković (head of the kitchen at Calypso restaurant in Hotel Perla, Nova Gorica) and Ilaria Gentile (Pasticceria da Ily, Trieste, Italy).

The competition, which was judged by 15 international judges, took place in 4 different categories. The highest ratings and awards were received by:

  • Confectionery: Adela Kolar (BIC Ljubljana)
  • Artistry: Erdal Badoglu (Turkey)

The third and the fourth category, making of national dish and modern dish, were both won by Slovene Syu Poropat, making her the winner of the 4th International Culinary Festival Kranjska Gora. This win is opening her the doors into new international challenges, as the newly won title will bring her the invitations from organizers to new competitions and festivals. The second spot was claimed by Goran Radivojević from Serbia and the third one by Evgeniy Chukalkin from Russia. From the youngsters, Juš Dolničar impressed the judges the most.

The International Culinary Festival in Kranjska Gora would not happen without the support of Javni zavod Turizem Kranjska Gora, Turistično gostinska zbornica Slovenije and the first independent culinary guide Gault&Millau Slovenija.

The director of the Tourist and catering board Ms. Klavdija Perger said: ‘Culinary festival in Kranjska Gora is more than just a festival. It is fusion of gastronomical experience and everything that the location offers to its visitors. The Hit Alpinea group is an important part of these experiences, as it brought top chefs and culinary masters for the first time 4 years ago on the junction of the three countries. This sets Kranjska Gora amidst the most known Slovenian gastronomical destinations. We also shouldn’t forget that Julijske Alpe region, in which Kranjska Gora is located, was chosen as one of the 10 regions that are worth visiting by the Lonely Planet guide. Beside beautiful nature, the tourists are also treated with the highest levels of services. We should make most out of the time and location of this year’s International Culinary Festival in Kranjska Gora to realize the great potential that tourism and catering offer, not only for Slovenia, but for the whole green Europe.’

The director of the Hit Alpinea group, Milan Sajovic, was also satisfied with the outcome of the festival: ‘This year’s International Culinary Festival Kranjska Gora positioned the destination not only as a strong sporting, excursion and natural region, but also as an interesting place of culinary creation. The festival is definitely an interesting happening in Kranjska Gora from the transition from the winter to the summer season. That’s exactly why we’re so satisfied with execution and visit of the festival. We have also already invited the participants to join us on the fifth edition of the festival in 2020.’

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