Photo credit: CD - Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana, will on 2-4 June 2019, be a venue of the HOPE Agora gathering, organised by HOPE – European Hospital and Healthcare Federation. The event, which is expecting around 300 international delegates, will discuss the topic “Evidence-informed decision-making in healthcare management”.

The HOPE Agora 2019 will, as says Simon Vrhunec, HOPE Governor for Slovenia, “Focus on sharing and comparing different approaches on decision-making in healthcare employed by managers, researchers, decision-makers, patients and other stakeholders.” The organisers “believe the exchange of good practice is of great value since it offers the potential to foster progress.”

In increasingly complex health systems, the ability to use all types of available evidence to improve decision-making in healthcare is crucial to ensure that citizens are offered the best care possible. The conference participants, coming to Cankarjev dom Ljubljana from several countries around the world, will discuss the role of different types and sources of evidence. The conference will host experts in this field and the HOPE Exchange Programme participants.

For three days, CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana will yet again become the hub of scientific meeting related to questions of medicine and health, so much more important areas these days when the need for proper treatment and healthcare has been growing world-wide.