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The third selection of the best Slovenian restaurants The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019 was concluded. This year’s award ceremony took place on the golf course and in restaurant Evergreen in Smlednik. The day, which was clearly a dream-come-true for every culinary enthusiast was spiced up with educational workshops, a round table with experts of the gastronomy area and socializing with excellent food and drinks on the side. The event ended with a charity dinner, of a size which Slovenia has not witnessed yet. The ‘Slovenia Dinner by Römquelle’ was prepared by all the best Slovenian chefs. The 5000€, which were raised at the dinner, were donated to ‘The Slovenian Young Chef’ foundation.

This year’s winners of The Slovenian Restaurant Awards (TSRA)

The top Slovenian restaurants have competed in several different categories and regions. The title of the best restaurant in the Alpine Slovenia region was claimed by Hiša Franko, the Mediterranean and karst region winner was Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono, in the Thermal Pannonian region the title was won by Hiša Denk, and in Ljubljana and central region the JB Restaurant was pronounced the winner.

The title of the best inn was awarded to Gostilna pri Lojzetu, the Restaurant Otočec was chosen as the best hotel restaurant and Domačija Belica received a title of the best culinary novice. The Bazilika Family was awarded the best social profile award, while Jernej Zver and Maja Galuf recieved the title of the best social culinary influence for running the culinary blog called JernejKitchen. Best Service by Diners Club Exclusive also awarded and award for the best service to the Ljubljana’s Cubo RestaurantHiša Franko received the ‘Vox Populi’ award for receiving  the most votes from the public.  At the end, three of the best restaurants were announced. The title of the best TOP 3 Slovenia Restaurant Awards were received by Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Hiša Franko and Vila Podvin.

The list of the best restaurants is also published on the event’s official site and in the book The Slovenia Restaurants.

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