Event apps are becoming an integral part of conferences, tradeshows and other events. They allow attendees to easily access important event information from their mobile devices. The popularity of event apps is quickly spreading to the incentive travel sector as well. Here are the main reasons why apps can enhance the incentive experience:


A central place for travel information

With the help of an app, up-to-date information regarding hotels, flights, etc. is at the attendees’ fingertips any time. Planners can also include information about the destination, e.g. a quick language guide or cultural do’s and dont’s.

Agenda for group activities

A personal schedule within the event app allows attendees to check the time and location of any activities taking place during the trip.

Attendee profiles to create a community

Participants of incentive trips don’t always know each other very well. To create a sense of community, attendees can fill in their personal profiles in the app. Include some fun or unusual questions in the profile as ice breakers!

Push notifications for announcements and reminders

If you have to inform attendees of unexpected changes, such as a delayed flight or a rescheduled activity, the fastest and easiest way to do so is via a push notification in the app.

These are only a few of the most common features of incentive travel apps. If you’d like more information, visit eventmobi.com.