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Last year the Karate Championship took place in Dundee, Scotland and this year, for the first time in history Bratislava is the host of the World Championship in Karate, and for the first time also,  Kobudo. The official ambassador of the WUFK 2019 is Matej Toth, Slovak race walker and current Olympic champion in 50km walk.

The official programme will start on June 18th with the presentation of the new WUKF rules at the Double Tree by Hilton. On June 19th, the technical seminars with WUKF expert Shihan Kando Shibamori from Japan, Hanshi Akira Gushi from Okinawa and Renshi Valeriy Kusiy from Ukraine will take place at the Primary School Za Kasarnou and the competition programme will start on June 20th.


The venue of the 2019 Championship will be the Ice Stadium – Nepela Arena, that is primarily used for Ice Hockey and has a capacity to host 10, 055 spectators. Besides the competition programme, there will also be referees and coaches seminars in the WUKF official hotel Double Tree by Hilton, where also the presidential meeting, official diner and sayonara party will take place.

For visitors and participants coming to neighbouring airports Vienna and Budapest special rates are offered for transfers to Bratislava. And for the transfers to and from the Nepela Stadium to the official hotels free transfers with shuttle buses are available.


Do not forget to explore the city!

Bratislava offers many summer activities that will make the heat bearable, if not pleasant. Here are some ideas to cool you in the hot summer days:

Where to get the best Ice Cream in town. Where to surf in Bratislava – yes you heard right, you can actually surf in the Slovak Capital – at Areal Divoka Voda. Or spoil yourself with some affordable shopping in Bratislava’s endless shops and shopping centres that pleases every taste.

And when in Bratislava, do not forget to download the Eventland App. The app is up-to-date and in English and is a must-have tool to pa a part of the best events during your stay in the Slovak capital.

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