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Q: Please tell us briefly why consider Bratislava for medical tourism?

Bratislava is a brilliant choice for several reasons. First of all, it is a city where many many hospitals are located, all equipped with standard technologies like the other western countries have. Our specialists and well-known experts with a professional knowledge that they upgrade all the time. Our universities send many students all over the world. On the other hand, it is the location of the city of Bratislava. There is a direct connection with the whole Europe, because of two airports. The Airport Wien, just 40 minutes from Bratislava and the airport in Bratislava, only 15 minutes from city center.

Q: What all does a city need to start developing medical tourism? It probably takes a lot more than just high-quality medical treatment?

The city needs to be an amazing destination, which offers patients the complete infrastructure. Bratislava and the whole country of Slovakia is beautiful and attractive for tourism, and that helps the patients to choose the destination for medical tourism. Also needed is the high-quality air service and a functional city transport. The hotels, stores and restaurants service in the city have to be on a high level. All these aspects are important for patients when choosing the right destination.

Q: What does Bratislava still need in terms of infrastructural development, to become a known medical tourism destination?

Bratislava is successfully meeting all these standards and aspects. The city has very good transport connections, high quality hotels, a divers gastronomic offer on the highest level and the stores which patients always like to attend. The only mistake of Bratislava is that the country does not present itself as a goal destination.

Q: What is the most common motivation of a person towards medical tourism?

There are two main reasons for tourism for dental treatment. Patients always attends the most quality health company by the feeling. If a patient wants to have some dental treatment, he has time for result and he chooses according to the price and destination. This relates mostly to aesthetic treatments such as plastic surgery, aesthetic stomatolgy, etc. But If a patient has to be treated for health reasons, then the main reason for the choice is not the price. It is mostly orthopedic surgeries – operations, alternative joints, cancer healing and other life important healings.


Photo credit: Dr. Martin Dental Clinic, Bratislava

Q: Which are the main medical reasons that make foreigners come to Bratislava/ Slovakia for a treatment? Is it dental treatment, plastic – aesthetic surgeries…?

There are many high quality arranged stomathologic, orthopedic or aesthetic clinics in Bratislava, which offer the smartest and the best technologies same as used in western countries. The clinics employ very well known specialists. Every year the Slovak universities educate many new medical students. It is very good that our best medical specialist are not the best only in Slovakia but also in other countries of the world. According to this fact, the patients may believe, we are ready to make the best healing and treatments in all aspects.

Q: From which countries does the majority of the patients come to your clinic?

To our dental clinic Dr. Martin the majority of patients come from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, increasingly also from UK or United States.  During our existence we have treated many patients from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Near East. Our team of specialists is multilingual so we can avoid the problems with the language barriers. The majority of our team of specialists speak English and German language and some among of us even speak French, Italian or Arabic languages.

Q: For a well established business concept also the area of logistics and marketing needs to be taken care of. How do you take care of that at Dr.Martins clinic? 

There is a complete administrative team who takes care of all the patients needs at Dr. Martin dental clinic. A personal coordinator takes care of every patient. The coordinator helps with all the patients requests, and answers all the patients questions considering the treatments and represents the patients right arm for all the services from first contact on. We take care of booking the accommodations, fly tickets and even for spending a quality free time between the appointments. Personal coordinator is in contact with the patient from the first moment on, and represents the patients’right arm during the whole time of the healing at our dental clinic. It is very good for the patients physical comfort. Because of this help, our doctors can be devoted and focused to their specialistic work with the patients, and the others of us are trying to do the best that we can for each patient from every corner of the world.

Photo credit: Dr. Martin Dental Clinic

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