Crossover is always up-to-date with trends, but this year it is even a step ahead of them!

How do the world’s most acknowledged agencies tackle the organisation of events? What keeps them awake at night when it comes to organisation and communication? What will happen with event participants in the future? How will experiential marketing evolve? How to ensure and measure the satisfaction of participants?

We could not wish for better debaters as we are expecting them this year. We will bring to Ljubljana the legend of the event industry Kim Myhre from the MCI UK and MCI Experience, and the rising star of the event industry Yemi A.D. from the Czech agency JAD Productions. Both are defined by their exceptional passion for events and numerous awards that place them at the top of the world’s event scene.


Yemi A.D.


Kim Myhre

Kim Myhre is undoubtedly one of the most influential faces of the global event scene. Director of the MCI UK and MCI Experience is a great advocate of events that are designed according to design thinking methods. At this year’s Crossover, he will present his own methodology for organizing events, where the participant as a personality is at the forefront. He shares his knowledge at the largest conferences and in professional journals. We are proud that, at the end of August, we will be exclusively hosting him for the first time in our region.

Yemi A.D. (Yemi Dele Akinyemi) is a person who launched the Czech event industry onto the map of the most successful agencies in the field of experiential marketing. For the world’s leading brands, he creates successful campaigns that have been rewarded at various festivals. If you are interested in the challenges and the future of event management, Yemi is the right title, as he sets trends with his team. He will present projects he prepares for the brands like Google, T-Mobile, Mercedes, as well as events in his own production Tenikskology, Ynspirology and Cycles. Yemi is also an experienced producer, who had worked with American rapper Kanye West for many years.

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