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The Postojna Cave is among the largest natural attractions in Slovenia, is the largest underground cave in Europe, and, according to many opinions, is also the most beautiful underground cave in the world. This exceptional natural park is an ideal place to organise events. In 2016 the renovated Hotel Jama, with a small congress centre, reopened its doors. The Postojna area features several hotels, and the neighbouring Jamski Dvorec Mansion has a congress centre. It is only since the renovation of Hotel Jama, however, that it has become of interest for event organisers who, in addition to congress venues, also need quality hotel accommodation. The combination of exceptional natural attractions and the imaginative catering and tourist services combine to make the Postojna Cave Park among the freshest and interesting congress locations in Slovenia.

Photo Credits: Postojna Cave d.d


Postojna is just 48 kilometres from Ljubljana and has long been a junction of routes. In the distant past, important transport routes ran through Postojna, among them the Amber Road. The majority of visitors to Postojna, congress guests included, arrive from the motorway. There is a large and well-arranged car park. It is also possible to reach Postojna by bus from Ljubljana, which now runs directly to the Postojna Cave bus station. Its proximity to five airports (Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice, Pula, Rijeka) is certainly among the benefits of the new hotel and congress centre, which, with the increased number of air connections, is becoming an important competitive advantage.

COLD APPETIZER - Architecture and Aesthetics

It is fitting that the legendary cave and its famous inhabitant – the humanfish – appears throughout the entire story of the hotel, both through branding, interior fittings and furnishings, decor and digital communications with guests. The fact is that everything has been done with a great amount of taste, style, and respect. It is commendable that the original architecture has been blended with new and the exterior image has also been preserved, which is part of its cultural heritage. This is also the case for the entrance staircase which, following renovation, is particularly impressive. The architecture, which reflects the rimstone pools of the cave, is attractive and apt. The interior of the hotel also features cave motifs and preserved original elements such as copper pictures of cave life in the bar and Murano glass chandeliers. The ceilings, which reflect underground caves, are also interesting.

WARM APPETIZER - Staff and catering

The hotel’s standout feature is its exceptionally friendly staff. Their professionalism and commitment are what makes the difference. Attention to the smallest detail is the ‘icing on the cake’, such as guests receiving a honeybread in the shape of a humanfish at check-out. Self-service breakfast is in the Magical Garden restaurant. The fine range of breakfast foods is complemented by an organic corner, which is welcome. The restaurant’s a-la-carte menu features modern versions of Slovenian and international dishes. The hotel’s kitchen also provides a catering service for congress events, which is competitive and successfully combines dishes from the Notranjska and Karst areas with international cuisine. The combination of quality cuisine and friendly staff results in a very good range of congress services.

MAIN DISH - Conference hotel service

On the ground floor of the hotel there are two congress halls; the Dance Hall, which can accommodate up to 200 participants in a cinema-style set up, and the Tartatus Hall which has a capacity for up to 180 participants. In april 2020 another congress hall will be added with a capacity for up to 400 participants.

DESSERT – The extras

Predjama Castle is a special venue. The castle is partly built into a wall in the middle of a 123m-high vertical rockface. The original castle was the residence of the legendary rebellious knight Erasmus. The present-day image of the castle is 16th century Renaissance, and its interior is home to a museum.


Lovers of well-stocked mini bars will be disappointed as there is only sparkling and non-sparkling water available.



The Postojna Cave Park also offers various underground experiences which makes an ideal addition to congress programmes. Among them are cave trekking, treasure hunts and other underground adventures that take place outside the established tourist paths.


Despite the fact that the hotel hosts groups of tourists, it can easily be ranked among Slovenia’s excellent business/congress hotels. It is mainly due to its staff and a good range of services that the hotel has earned a high 9.5 rating on the reservation website. The strongest part of the story is its congress halls which are airy, the large lobby, and the terrace for coffee breaks with views of the Postojna Cave Park. Together with Jamski Dvorec Mansion and the attractiveness of Postojna Cave, it makes a really superior congress destination, which, despite the recognition of the Postojna Cave, is still not known about by all organisers of congress events. It is one of the most advanced congress centres in Slovenia, where it is easy for organisers of business meetings and conferences to put together an interesting and attractive programme for participants. The renovation of the other wing of the hotel, which will be completed in April 2020, will result in the number of beds nearing the capacity of the halls. At the same time, for the success of the congress industry, renovations of other hotels in Postojna would be welcome.


GOLD final score from 4.81 to 5.00
SILVER final score from 4.61 to 4.80
BRONZE final score from 4.41 to 4.60

OPEN FROM 1971, renovated in 2016 and 2020
MEETINGS STAR Resort meeting hotel
STANDARD Hotel with conference facilities
NUMBER OF ROOMS 80 rooms and suites, plus 78 rooms after renovation in April 2020, 158 rooms in total
INTERNET PRICE79 – 119 EUR (March 2019, Trivago)
ADDRESS:Postojnska jama d.d.
Jamska cesta 30
6230 Postojna, Slovenija
T: 05 7000 100
FACILITIES– 11 halls in Hotel Jama and Jamski Dvorec Mansion
– Magical Garden Restaurant
– Jamski Dvorec Mansion and Congress Centre
– Proteus Restaurant
– The Modrijan Homestead
– Postojna Cave Park – a special venue
– Predjama Castle – a special venue
– Underground Adventures (teambuilding programmes)
– Postojna Cave Expo
– Free parking
SPECIALS Postojna Cave is considered the biggest tourist attraction in Slovenia, and, together with Predjama Castle and the other attractions in the Postojna Cave Park, attracts almost one million visitors per year. Concerts and teambuilding programmes can also be arranged in the cave. There are 12 halls in Hotel Jama and Jamski Dvorec Mansion.
4. LOBBY4.78
7.  HOTEL ROOM4.51
8.  HOTEL BED4.59

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