How does the superior quality of design and architecture affect the performance of hotels? What does the integrated collaboration of various creative industries bring? What is the new luxury and how to combine top-notch architecture with functionality and usability?


Saša Begović


Mirna Ptiček

Saša Begović from Architectural Bureau 3LHD and Mirna Ptiček from agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey who were part of the team that created two exceptional hotel stories, Hotel Lone and Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj, will talk about design and hotel management.

Saša Begović is one of the most renowned architects in the world. This is proven by the numerous awards he received for his work. In addition to working in his 3LHD bureau, Saša is a visiting professor at numerous faculties in Europe and the USA, including Cornell University.

Mirna Ptiček is the art director of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and a top designer creating unforgettable designs that have impressed the professional jury around the world. She believes in openness to new ideas which can also change the organization of events.

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