The First Impression Counts

Driving on the highway from the modern airport towards the centre of Yekaterinburg, we can see a majestic LED screen, which is an integral part of the brand-new congress centre. Behind the modern façade, hides probably the most beautiful congress hall in Russia and Europe right now. The Congress Centre, which marks the entrance to the city, is a thoughtful architectural response to the city’s new vision and a foundation of the new meetings industry future in Russia’s 4th biggest city. The Centre reinforces Yekaterinburg’s vision as a junction of business and MICE opportunities between Europe and Asia.


Exceptional Architecture

The conceptual design was made by the renowned architect Jose Asebijo Marin from the Barcelona bureau AUSarchitecture and German architect Kai Bierich, who, among other buildings, designed Congress Centre Stuttgart Messe. Upon completion of the construction, the Centre will include numerous additional services, such as restaurants, recreation areas, and a hotel. The location’s great advantage is that it has no restrictions, which is why the concept can be described as dynamic architecture, which opens towards the idyllic Ural landscape, while the new Congress Centre’s façade defines its view from the highway.


The Central Congress Stage

The semi-circular auditorium of the new congress hall feels futuristic and at the same time pleasantly domestic. The hall, which holds 4000 participants, is the heart of the new congress centre, which is complemented with 16 smaller halls suitable for even the most advanced productions. What particularly impressed us was the fact that it is not overblown architecture, but the hall and the entire centre remain loyal to its programme design. The best stage equipment and staff who have mastered the most demanding A-production are the main recommendations for the centre to host the most difficult events in the city.


Multifunctionality of the New Centre

In the future congresses, performances, concerts and the most difficult protocol events will be held in the centre. Multifunctionality is also the key lead that the architects looked at when designing the building. The halls actively adapt to the event’s needs with movable walls, light, and the simple yet maximally effective architecture. It is modified for fast and simple event makeover. Therefore, it is not surprising that the centre has hosted more than 800 events since 2011, averaging 100 per year respectively.


Protocol at the Highest Level

The Expo team is qualified for protocol event at the highest levels and providing safety in accordance with the highest requirements and standards. The impressive VIP part of the new centre witnessed its fiery baptism at this year’s annual INNOPROM event. This part of the centre reminds us more of a top-notch hotel than a congress centre. The centre is fully adapted for direct TV broadcasts and enables complex TV production.

Fully Running Digitalisation

The congress centre aims to set standards for the future through digitalisation and automation. The main guideline is the functionality and exceptional architecture. No fewer than 21 high-speed ticket machines are installed at the entrances, and the entry system is also automated. It is one of the most modern systems in the world. The gigantic LED screen is a miracle of technology that allows you to communicate and brand your event, which is rarely seen in the world. Surprising luminosity and visibility will definitely attract attention.


Stand out with the Congress Offer

The city of Yekaterinburg decided that it must stand out for something and that it has to offer something to the international market, which it does not have yet. That’s why they decided on congress tourism.
We believe that it will become one of the most influential centres of the meetings industry. This was also confirmed by the director of the new centre Igor Danilov, who is aware that at first, you need to take care of the destination’s promotion, as the meeting and events bring a multiplicative effect to the whole destination. The role of science, culture and education that follows the meetings industry is priceless.


Suitable for Different Types of Events

The new congress centre can host different types of events. As the director Igor Danilov said, they will focus mainly on regional and international congresses, conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions and corporate events. The place allows the most demanding productions, and the great advantage is the numerous different combinations of the multifunction halls.


For trade fair and exhibition organising there is over 40,000 m2 of internal and 60,000 m2 of external areas available, and furthermore, the whole production can be provided by the centre. The centre, the first phase of which was built in 2011, is ideally located near Koltsovo Airport and just 13 kilometres from the city centre. There are two hotels nearby (Ramada Yekaterinburg and Angelo by Vienna House), but they are planning to build their own hotel with 300 rooms in the immediate vicinity.

Every time you drive past the centre, you get taken over by the openness of the concept and excited by the architecture. And you get even more excited over the plans that the leadership has for the centre. A visit to the centre in their presence before the official opening was a special privilege. We peeked behind the scenes of an exceptional project and we are glad to be able to share the story with the international congress community.



– 8–11 July 2019 – International Industrial Fair INNOPROM which has been held annually in Yekaterinburg since 2010,
– 9–11 July 2019 – Second Global Manufacturing & Industrialisation Summit – GMIS,
– 29 October –1 November 2019 – World Cities Day 2019 – UN-Habitat,
– 7–21 September 2019 – Yekaterinburg 2019 World Boxing Championships 

Additional information:

International Exhibition & Convention Center
2, EXPO Blvd, Ekaterinburg,
Russia, 620060
T: 7 (343) 215-7-998

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