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GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will be a venue of the Resuscitation 2019, the international congress of ECR (European Resuscitation Council) that offers a wide range of courses and guidelines concerning modern-day CPR. ERC works under the slogan “Bringing resuscitation to the world” and follows its mission to preserve human life by making high-quality resuscitation available to all.

ERC says that “To achieve the goal, we need training and education. To know what to teach we need guidelines. To have good evidence-based guidelines, we need science. And for all this we need motivated people ready to change hearts and minds. Ready to research, educate and act.” And in line with this, this 30-year old organisation organizes several events and courses to provide the standard in Europe and beyond with 33 comprising National Resuscitation Councils with principal activities as following: science, guidelines, training, congresses, public awareness, and national representation.

Photo Credit: GR / Jani Ugrin

As it goes for the ECR congresses, they present a state-of-the-art resuscitation science, combined with practical training. At the annual ERC congresses the participants can meet with international experts. And the 2019 congress will take place in GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre in Slovenia’s capital between the 19th and 21st of September. The GR’s halls will host this year’s congress titled “Controversies in resuscitation. What works and what doesn’t work during resuscitation?” Resuscitation 2019 will provide more than 500 international participants with plenty of networking and social opportunities, skills workshops, European CPR Competition, lectures on controversies and insight into how these controversies may be resolved.

Photo credit: GR

Resuscitation 2019 has also been compliant with MedTech standards that use the Conference Vetting System, a unique initiative assessing the conformity of third-party educational events with the MedTech Europe Code. GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre as a conference venue has been confirmed as a compliant venue with the MedTech standards for the ECR’s congress.

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