Schleppe Event Hall in Klagenfurt is truly a boutique and special venue with rich brewing history and a unique setting for various kind of events, in sense of congresses and conference especially suitable for the after-party events, gala events and other corporative events. Regarded as the center, both of Carinthia’s brewing and distilling industries, with Pfau Distillery also joining their roof, it is becoming more and more famous for brewing craft beers. The brewery marks over 400 years of brewing tradition and ever since the beginning in 1607, Schleppe Brewery has been known for their quality beers. In recent years, some big moments marked the development and vision of the brewery, including Pfau Distiller moving under the same roof, starting the craft beer production in 2014, joined logistics with Villacher Brewery and becoming a part of the famous Heineken Group.

An exclusive venue with a unique ambiance

Directly located in the Schleppe Brewery and Distillery, the Schleppe Event hall offers ideal surroundings for events up to 800 people as an exclusive venue with unique ambiance in 3 levels with 6 different halls, together comprising 1,030 m².

Schleppe EventHall is suitable for various kind of events with approximately 120 events hosting a year, from large to smaller events, seminars, product presentations, etc. You can rent one hall or the complete hall.


Craft beer movement – since 2014, the Schleppe Brewery has joined the craft beer revolution, taking place all over the world. Craft beers with their unique, unfiltered structure and new, light aromas are also bringing new consumers and traditional beer drinker is not exclusively male, women are also enjoying the world of craft beer. Craft beer, combined with the traditional Austrian culinary, a glimpse of heaven on earth!

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Schleppe Brewery and Distillery Hall
Schleppeplatz 1, Klagenfurt, Austria

Phone: + 43(0) 463/42700

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