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European Cities Marketing in collaboration with TCI Research released the first City Sentiment Index report for its members. Using a social listening analytic protocol specially designed for ECM, TCI Research analysts consolidated reputation insights, converting 1+ million of content crunched from all social platforms into actionable KPIs and inspiring insights for cities. The partnership with ECM enables destinations across Europe to monitor the reputation pulse of cities and understand what drive their reputation.

Internet of Things, Sustainability, Quality of life, Leadership and Talent rewarding, Venue architecture, growing influence of Universities and Clusters… The latest City Sentiment Index Report reveals the digital footprint of MICE and business events generated by European cities, perceptible through social web conversations.

Beyond emerging trends shaping the European MICE activities, the report also spotlights all-size cities who have benefitted from particularly large and positive MICE-related sentiment during the period, driven by unique conference venues, topics, delegates’ experiences, business brands and speakers influencing destinations’ MICE reputation.

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Methodological note: 

The TRAVELSAT© Pulse Intensity Sentiment Index reflects the volume of MICE-related content shared per city in social web conversations (average European Cities = 100). The Positiveness Index measures the share of positive posts in total MICE-related mentions per city. TRAVELSAT© Pulse is an innovative Social Listening solution for destinations powered by the UNWTO-Awarded Agency TCI Research. A semantic analysis customized for ECM cities is applied, consolidating into actionable KPIs millions of content of 200+ cities crunched from all social platforms (Blogs, Micro-media, Forums, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, online news…).

Looking at reputation drivers behind the numbers, the report also spots important trends such as:

  • The Brexit impact both generating a lot of MICE activities and potential threat for the industry;
  • The importance of the design and “Instagramability” of venues and delegates’ experiences;
  • The growing trends for “assumed” bleisure (business leisure) activities reflected in social conversations;
  • The tough competition between conventional and unconventional venues, hotels and universities;
  • The presence of celebrities acting as key driver of interest for MICE events.

All ECM members have exclusive access to the complete ECM-TCI Research City Sentiment Index report with all the graphs and analysis.

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