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“reSITE has assembled a global community acting to improve our livelihood in cities that we love in and live in, with a simple message: Each one of you have the creativity, resourcefulness and power to make this world a better place whether it be addressing climate change, sustainable growth or civic architecture. Thus our theme REGENERATE is a call to action. We will offer solutions to help cities redefine their resources for the changing needs of our cities especially for younger urban dwellers who care about climate change and a high happiness factor,” says reSITE’s Chairman Martin Barry in his invitation to join the event. “We are the leaders who brought you the now internationally heralded Manifesto Market. We have proven with our own projects how fast we can create a tangible impact on many levels, how to regenerate a neighborhood and redefine a whole industry.”

“REGENERATE explores both the rebirth of cities and the generations of people living within,” explains Greg Lindsay, author, urbanist and reSITE’s Guest Curator. How will we make room for families by remaking the city at every scale — from the mega-redevelopment of brownfields to restoring neighborhoods? How should we balance expansion with heritage? How are today’s mayors grappling with unaffordability and redevelopment? Which startups are transforming the city itself into a generator to stave off climate change? And which architects are imagining new ways of living, working and playing for children and families? REGENERATE will bring together a new generation of leaders on climate, energy, health, and mobility — as well as design and public policy — to discuss creating cities for young and old alike.

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The conference program includes keynotes, panel discussions, live mic stage, intensive and interactive break-out sessions, run, tours, parties, unforgettable dinner. reSITE is a one-of-a-kind experience combining the best ideas in the world from the bottom to the top, and creating long-lasting relationships. The event has assembled a global community of diverse professionals and creative people who are solving problems in the world’s cities – real estate developers and investors, politicians, entrepreneurs, alternative energy leaders, smart city professionals, architects, urbanists, planners, designers, municipal leaders and representatives, researchers, professors, students, media, cultural leaders, curators and non-profit organizations and activists.

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“We work again with the winning team, and keep focusing on creating memorable experiences for the participants, maintain our editorial independence and create a unique space for vanguard conversation on cities which doesn’t happen elsewhere. We are grateful to all the 500+ world class speakers who shared their bold ideas on our stages in Prague, Lisbon and Berlin. We can’t wait to host the next game-changing event in Prague and our future international projects in new cities,” commented Martin Barry.

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