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Lauba - House for People and Art

The story of a building where Lauba found its home, goes back to 1910. This former riding arena, a part of the Austro-Hungarian Army military complex, was designed by Emil Eisner & Adolf Ehrlich Construction Company, the leading construction company in Zagreb at the beginning of the century.  Before it became Lauba – House for People and Art, it also served as a weaving mill. Today, due to its historical significance, it has a status of a protected cultural monument.

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The building was refurbished with the idea of maintaining its important historical characteristics. The design reflects its diverse purposes – a compact cube is envisioned as a space for different business activities, while the flexible gallery space is used for various types of events – exhibitions, plays, screenings, concerts, art fairs, congresses, lectures and conventions.

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PRILAZ BARUNA FILIPOVIĆA 23A, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
P: +385 1 6302115

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