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Mikser is a multidisciplinary platform, which encourages the development of the creative economy of country and region. They present a new concept of the cultural institution, which is a connection of culture, education and commercial activities in a creatively transformed old city warehouse. It contributes greatly to the transformation of the city’s neighbourhood, turning it into a cultural district. Mikser house offers a broad spectrum of activities like exhibitions, lectures, promotions, concerts, panel discussions, workshops, festivals, theater performances and educational programs, implemented in collaboration with different partners.

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The Mikser House’s professional crew offers complete infrastructure for event organization in the venue. Parts or even the whole venue can be provided with addition of a professionally equiped bar and kitchen. The multifunction space includes main floor (860m2), gallery (160m2) and garden (120m2).

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Get in touch

Karadjordjeva 46, Belgrade 11000, Serbia
E: office@mikser.rs
P: +381 11 26 26 068
W: house.mikser.rs

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