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Tomcat's Wine Cellar - Drinking Wine, Indulging Life

The Tomcat’s wine cellar is located Irig in Fruska Gora. It is only 20 km out of Novi Sad and less than an hour drive from Belgrade. The winemaking has been present in the family of the founders for generations. They produce approximately 120,000 bottles of wine per year. Wine is stored in tanks made of steel as well as oak and acacia barrels.

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If you’re looking to relax in a wonderful nature and sounds and smells of village or buy an excellent wine at the source of creation, Tomcat Wine Cottage is perfect for you. It is located within the winery facility and designed in the style of Fruska Gora.  You can also try the typical Srem snacks, have a lunch or dinner, listen to ‘tamburasi’ music and so on. A perfect match for true wine lovers.

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Winery Tomcat’s wine cellar
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