Bratislava is rapidly developing its infrastructures and is surely becoming one of the hottest MICE destination in the region of New Europe. Slovak capital is  gaining more and more recognition in the world of professional event planners, and with it’s smartly chosen motto “Extremely close, exceptionally smart” this city is offering high service on every step of the way. A successful strategy is making this destination more and more attractive and commercially attractive.

MICE day is concept of educational sessions that are organised for the local community. First edition of MICE days started in 2016 and the event became an annual check point for the professional community of Bratislava.

In past years important topics were discussed at Bratislava MICE days, such as: communication manual of the brand Bratislava, content marketing, MICE impact on economy, bidding, GDPR, bidding for association business meetings etc. Topics and knowledge  important for all MICE stakeholders who are together creating one of the next top destinations in New Europe.

In an effort to keep growing and reaching the highest standards of MICE industry, Bratislava Convention Bureau is organizing the 12th Edition of  Bratislava MICE days. Education, knowledge sharing, networking, practical examples, MICE news etc. for everyone who is a part of MICE industry and wants to get the latest knowledge from MICE experts.

10.10.2019 – Conventa Trend Bar

Conventa Trend bar is a well established educational and networking program executed by the Conventa team. Every year a journey across the region, visiting destinations that are exhibiting at Conventa every year. By the end of this season, Trend Bar will meet with over 500 meeting planners from the New Europe region. Up until now, 7 Trend Bars have been carried out, the latest being in Lviv, rounding up the Spring section of the event. The focal theme of this year’s Conventa Trend Bar covers 20 good practice cases in the field of MICE marketing, to talk about what works and what doesn’t. A workshop by Gorazd Čad, Co-founder of Conventa is followed by a lecture from a local expert speaker, which diversifies the programme and makes it that more entertaining. After the workshops, a chat with the participants about how to make destination and event marketing even more efficient follows. All your questions about how to make an event (or destination) more interesting, unique, diverse and ultimately more market efficient, will be answered. Practical tasks and about 20 practical examples await you with the right tools for successful marketing. Please register HERE, the number of seats is limited. Conventa’s main goal is to enable growth for all its partners, not just those coming from the largest congress destinations. Helping to achieve that creative thinking, innovativeness and out-of-the-box thinking, which propels the event forward. Trend Bar destinations are chosen carefully, with the aim to shine a light on under-exposed destinations.

WHEN: The event will take place on 10 October 2019 from 10:30 to 14.00.
WHERE: Campus City, Staromestska 3 Bratislava


Svetlana Meciarova, Creative Pro

This year Svetlana Meciarova, Managing Partner at Creative Pro, will share her knowledge, experiences and other secrets of successful event planing. Creative Pro agency competed in last year’s Conventa Crossover Best Event Award, and won the Best B2C Event of New Europe with the event “Run for the Oceans”.


You can register for a half-day training workshop at this link, by Monday 30.9.2019.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • how to make the event / destination more attractive and commercially successful
  • why classic methods don’t always work and how to adapt them to your requirements
  • 20 practical examples

15.10.2019 - Social Media in B2B workshop

Another very topical and useful topic will be presented – Social Media in B2B practice. The lecturer will be an experienced B2B online marketing expert, Mr. Rasťo Talárovič, one of the few Google Certified trainers in Slovakia.

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