Boating Lake, Szombathely

A green oasis in the city center

The story of how the Boating Lake in Szombathely, Hungary became one of the most popular spots in the city is quite interesting. The lake replaced a brick factory and its brick pits, which were filled with water in the summer of 1961. Two years later, trees were planted in the area and thanks to the locals, it has become one of the most beautiful parts of Szombathely.


A paved promenade goes around the lake, completing a circle of 1500m. A bridge connects the lake’s shore to a small romantic island with gravel trails, where you can just relax and enjoy nature. It’s a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a great venue for all sorts of teambuilding activities. The lake is a popular destination for various sports. You can rent out bikes, canoes or paddle boats from March until late September.

There’s also a really cool restaurant at the lake called DECK, serving excellent food and the option of privatization for incentive groups.

Deck Bistro (Photo:
Wow factorA break from the fast city tempo
Incentive type  Active experience
Best time of the year March until late September
Location Szombathely, Hungary
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