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NW VinoTOUR is the first international Nordic Walking trail taking across the vineyards of Slovene and Austrian wine producers. Half of the trail goes through Slovenian vineyards, while the other half of it through Austrian ones. Meaning, the trail starts either in Svečina, close to Maribor and continues to Austria, or it starts in Ratsch in Austria and goes to Slovenian vineyards in the vicinity of Maribor, the capital of Slovenian Styria. This unique wine trail that works in symbiosis over two countries, provides for all nature lovers an incentive in combination of sports activity with wine tasting.

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There are five trails available. The Red Trail is 11 kilometers long and takes in three hours to 19 stops. The Yellow Trail is a kilometer longer and in three hours takes to 18 stops. The Green Trail, the newly established one, is 13 kilometers long and stops at 14 stops in approximately three hours and a half. The Orange one is 22 kilometers long and takes by 29 stops in five hours and a half of walk. While the last one and the longest one, the Blue Trail, takes in 24 kilometers on 28 stops that can be visited in approximately 6 hours of pleasant Nordic walk.

Photo credit: NW VinoTOUR / Facebook

All of the trails are circular, and they take through the vineyards, old cellars, to wine makers that provide wine tasting and snacks.  Some of the trails also stop at the Viticultural Museum Kebl. If and when wanted, the organizer can also prepare a night-walking trail, while in the winter a trail through snow, which is particularly exciting, romantic, and special as at every stop one gets warmed up with tasty and good local wine, is available as well.

Photo credit: NW VinoTOUR / Facebook

When there is a bigger number of participants, a Nordic walk instructor joins before the walk and shows to participants the proper techniques of the Nordic walk. The participants can either bring their own Nordic walking sticks, or they can borrow or even buy them from the organizer.

Best time of the year:All-year-round
Duration:3 to 6 hours
Number of participants:Min: 2, Max: by agreement
Location:Slovenian and Austrian Styria



Contact  person: Pika Radmilovič

T: +386 41 938 800



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