The perfect mix of Hungarian and Italian hospitality

Q: How popular is Western Hungary as a destination for events?

Usually, when somebody thinks of Hungary as a place to create an event or a conference, one thinks of Budapest. But Hungary is not just its beautiful capital. There are “unexplored” places like the green countryside on the border with Austria where you can live an uncontaminated experience far from the confusion. So if we want to talk about “popular destination” my answer is “no, not yet, but better this way”

Q: What trends are you seeing in the regional meetings industry?

I often speak with many players in the sector from all over the world and what I hear most frequently, is the need to find new places, never seen and that go beyond the now “used” cities. For companies in the Middle East it is very important to be surrounded by green and full of nature areas, while for European companies it is very important to find places without distractions. I believe these are interesting ideas, indeed, real trends.

Q: What makes your hotel different?

Our history combined with our splendid structure. Our mother company is Italian and produces high design shoes. Here in Hungary we had one of our factories and once closed, after a few years we built this beautiful Resort. The passion, the style, the Italian design, the enormous windows that let in so much light and the perfect mix of Hungarian and Italian hospitality make this place unique. Furthermore, our geographical position is an absolute plus. Two hours from Vienna, Lubiana and Zagreb, Bratislava less than two hours and Graz only an hour’s drive make us close and easily reachable.

Photo: Aljaž Čad (Kongres Magazine)

Q: Who is Mjus Resort’s typical customer?

In our short history of just three years we have changed the type of clientele a lot. With a constant development of our services and the quality of the same, we have also opened up to “premium” products. This has allowed us to attract a more sophisticated clientele without compromising the quality-price ratio because the mistake that is often made is in fact to raise the price but not the quality of the services. Furthermore, this policy has led us to increasingly attract the business segment, becoming, thanks to our various services, a coveted structure where to carry out incentives and conferences.

Q: What are the vital statistic of your hotel?

Our Resort covers 100,000 square meters of land, 48,000 of which are green areas. 1,800 square meters of water surface in 4 pools, panoramic Spa, 2 water slides. The rest is guaranteed in the 122 rooms divided into 6 types. 5 bars, 2 restaurant rooms with buffet and a la carte menus, pizzeria, pastry shop, 6 bowling alleys, shoe shop and wine lounge are some of our many services. Finally, 4 meeting rooms from 12 to 170 seats, all with natural light ensure the success of any event.

Photo: Aljaž Čad (Kongres Magazine)
Photo: Aljaž Čad (Kongres Magazine)

In an unexplored place, everything is innovative

Q: What kind of MICE events and incentives does the hotel offer?

When I propose our Resort to a MICE potential partner I always say that “We have space for everyone and everything”. This is the truth. Alongside the more traditional conference spaces, there are many other areas that can be used, such as an outdoor amphitheater, a multi-function tent, bowling hall and much more. In addition, our philosophy is to fully open to consider any request, helping our partners in building the event from A to Z. The perfect knowledge of the territory, finally, allows us to offer the best solutions coming to offer our partners a “ready to use” proposal.

Q: What attractions does Western Hungary offer for those in search of innovative incentives?

I think that in an unexplored (or almost) and little known place, everything is innovative. The beauty of these places lies in what is missing. There are no big cities, famous cathedrals, futuristic palaces, discos and restaurants one after the other. Here is a lot of nature, first of all with the Őrség National park where it is possible to live experiences in contact with rural traditions in immense green spaces, small villages, unique craft activities. Also within easy reach of us, there are so many ideas to keep in mind: the spectacular Fertorakos Quarry and Cave Theater, Canoeing on the Boating Lake right in the city center of Szombathely, the Güssing Castle in the Austrian side, small and beautiful jewel of 1157 , Lake Balaton with its splendid views and famous vineyards. I stop here but I assure you that there is much more to discover and to be amazed.

Q: What was your “five minutes of fame” moment and your favourite project with which you would praise yourself?

I live my five minutes of fame every time I visit Mjus World together with potential customers or partners. Seeing the Resort with their amazed eyes and unexpectedly discovering the value that each of them gives to small or big things give me every time “my five minutes of fame”.

My favorite project is the Mjus project itself. It may be trivial but to see this Resort grow in a less easy context than others, to have the trust of our mother company Olip Italia and his owner Mr. Piero Oliosi, but above all the work of the whole team that operates here every day, believing in this project, is making this place a nice story to tell.

Photo: Aljaž Čad (Kongres Magazine)

Q: Can you please describe the most spectacular event that happened in Mjus World?

I will tell two very different but equally important events that are “spectacular” moments for me. The first major corporate event (over a year ago), where in just two days many side events were planned in addition to the conferences. Live music with Brazilian dancers, a big magic show with the stage set up in our large dining room, bowling tournament and many other activities. Perhaps nothing new for the readers but for us, a young company, was the first test that passed with flying colors, a sign that teamwork has created the right success for the event.
The second one, very simple but exciting, when a guy made his marriage proposal to his girlfriend in our Lounge Bar. A rose, a lighted candle and a bottle of sparkling wine were enough to make this a unique and unforgettable event too.

Q: On a personal note, what would be your ideal event to host in Mjus Resort?

Is hard to say and maybe I really don’t know which is my ideal event to host here. What I do know for sure is that I consider all the events important, but not because they are for me but more simply because they are for our partners. Small or large may be an event, it represents that moment where a Company or a person shows its own world. Our task is to support our partner and make his moment unique.

About Adriano

Adriano is a professional in the hospitality and tourism sector, where he has been active for over 20 years. He has gained experience in hotel management with administration, development and control of the organisation and of personnel. In his role as Trade and Marketing Director, he implemented strategies and sales plans as well as consolidation and development of previously acquired and completely new markets, using targeted B2B and B2C actions. He has loads of experience in human resource management and of policies suitable for personal and professional growth of staff.