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Wine, wine growing and wine production has since always had an important role in the Bratislava area. The first evidence of wine growing in the region dates from the 6th  – 7th century b. c. The oldest historical findings – seven vineyard knives and clay wine jug were found in those years. Based on this the first wine producers were most likely Celts, followed by Romans with a more extensive wine growing culture.

Slovak National Collection of Wine, based in the Museum of Viticulture in the ground floor and basement of Apponyi House, in the historical centre of Bratislava, is the home of the largest and most complete collection of top quality Slovak wines. The collection represents over 100 wines from Slovakia, produced from grapes coming only from Slovakia.

The collection is in fact a selection of the top rated wines from the local Slovakian competitions under the professional guarantee of Union of Slovak grape growers and Slovak wine producers. Wines that gain a rating over 100 points are labelled with the mark “National collection of wines of Slovak republic”, and are available to taste and to buy here.


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Wine tastings are always a good idea for incentive programmes. In the The National Collection of Wine cellars you can bring your group to try the best of what Slovakia has to offer. And you can choose between several different wine tasting programmes.

You can choose a programme guided by a sommelier, where you and your group will taste 2 or 4 or 8 glasses of wine, or you can choose a bit more extreme version of the programme…

Wine tasting of  72 wine samples in 100 minutes – the programme is not guided by sommelier, and you are pouring 72 wines by yourself. It is an ideal programme for a teambuilding or an incentive. And you will for sure explore nearly all grape varietes, which are being produced in Slovakia. And to keep the 100 minutes of tasting the best of vines from Slovakia, balanced – you can also order snacks to go along.


The neighbouring Museum of Viticulture displays the traces of history and teaches the guests about the important historic role of wine production and cultivation of vines in Bratislava and Slovakia. The exhibition demonstrates the history of viticulture from the antiquity up to the present day – growing vines, harvesting, processes of winemaking within the Bratislava city area.

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Národný salón vín Slovenskej republiky

Apponyiho palác

Múzeum vinohradníctva a vinárstva

Radničná 1, 81518 Bratislava

02/4552 99 67, 00421 918 664 992

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