Recently, the second largest Slovenian city Maribor got richer for a luxury glamping resort where the visitors can get smothered in the sweetest possible sense – chocolate. The Chocolate Village Resort by the River is exactly what its name says. A resort where guests enjoy in luxury undersigned with a real chocolate. A dream come true incentive for chocolate lovers.


Chocolate Village is a luxury resort set in the beautiful environment of the natural park Natura 2000 by the serene Drava River and just a stone’s throw away from Maribor, the capital of Slovenia Styria. In immediate vicinity of the resort, there is a renowned and beloved international Drava Bike trail. Everything in the resort is about chocolate. From chocolate breakfasts, to chocolated workshops, chocolate cosmetics to chocolate massages, and so on. Of course, no one is forced to eat chocolate all the time. But those whose dream it is to do exactly that, this glamping resort provides a perfect incentive for them.


There are three kinds of glamping houses available. Forastero houses are spacious, they have 2+2 beds in two floors with large panoramic windows. Criollo houses are smaller but just as exciting as they are set in the tree canopies and have unique beds with large panoramic views. And the Trinitario houses are located directly by the natural swimming pond and have, besides a private jacuzzi and fireplace, also the most beautiful view of the river.

One might assume that such a glamping resort is only for warm months. But one would be mistaken, as in fact the chocolate gets even tastier in the magical colder autumn and winter evenings when sitting by the fireplace while listening to rain drops on the wooden roofs.


The guests can choose among several chocolate experiences while staying at this beautiful glamping resort. In the Chocolate Manufacture of Auntie Frida guests can experience the legendary chocolate manufacture either through making chocolate, or just through guided tasting of the diverse products. After making some chocolate, guests can relax in a wellness house in the tree. The wellness boasts on its terrace a Finnish sauna wiht a tea corner and a large panoramic view. After sauna, it is great to take a whole-body chocolate massage.

For the decadent pleasures, the lovers of chocolate can also visit the village’s Auntie Frida’s Chocolate Caffé and spoil their buds with natural pastriess and ice-cream. For additional pampering of taste buds, visitors can also stop at the Gourmet spot in the middle of the village which is open all day long and provides home made wine, bottled wines and local delicacies. If guests want to just relax, they can swim in a swimming pool and, if so wanted, enjoy in chocolate beer of chocolate cocktail.



Address: Limbuško nabrežje 6, SI-2341 Limbuš

T: +386 2 460 02 00