Conventa Crossover 2019

Events are marketing gold

The event industry is evolving. It used to be hard going – your clients’ top management didn’t respect you, because most of the time you weren’t offering any specific return on investment. Events were basically parties for clients or awards ceremonies for employees. Today all that is long gone. In the digital age personal connection and face-to-face meetings have become more valuable than ever. Today’s events have to be streamable and Instagram-friendly. Clients want to know their events are effective, so event planners now set KPIs and track ROI.


Events are marketing gold, because they inspire more emotion than banners, graphics or posters. Video ads are one thing, but they don’t have the staying power of a good event. The more advertisements saturate our world, the more we become immune to them. What really gets our attention is meeting with someone who inspires and motivates us. That’s the whole concept behind influencer marketing, which is why it can never be all online. It has to start out in the real world, and only then can it go online.


About Yemi

Founder of JAD Production and keynote speaker at Crossover 2019

During his professional career, Yemi has evolved from a dancer to choreographer, director and producer. Today he is one of the most wanted creative authors – he worked for several years with American rapper and superstar Kanye West, with whom he created dozens of concerts, & tours around the globe, including shows like Saturday Night Live, or VMAs.

Yemi founded and now leads creative agency JAD Productions, with which he works not only for clients such as Google, T-Mobile, or Coca-Cola, but also produces his own projects. Teniskology (a multi-day european sneaker festival), Ynspirology (an arts, music and inspiration festival focused on Generation Y) and Cycles (disruptive, highly artistic immersive theatre). JAD Productions was awarded as Best Event Agency in the Czech Republic in 2014, 2015 & 2016, and received the World Best Event Award (BEA) in 2015, 2016 & 2018. Yemi’s team also won international awards for social media campaigns for adidas Originals and product launch for Mercedes-Benz.

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