At Bea World Festival 2019, part of Live Communication Week (Milan, 26-30 November), speakers from both inside and outside the events industry will talk about the why, how and what of cooperation, which is ‘The Nature of Events’.

The Bea World Festival educational programme will play the conceptual role of association between nature and events, including the multiple points of view of all industry players. A great opportunity to stay up-to-date with the changing landscape of events and live communication, to learn from experts and industry leaders and to see the world’s best-in-class events live and network with peers and influencers.

A full day of live presentations of the shortlisted events before a jury composed of corporate event planners, will inspire participants on November 28th. During the programme on November 29th, delegates will build their personalised agenda mapped to their individual specializations and needs and will be able to choose from uplifting keynotes, practical sessions, unconventional and interactive expert sessions and hands-on workshops. Bea World Festival will take participants on a safari, allowing to study the nature of events more closely. It will be possible to observe the ‘Big 11’ (3 keynotes and 8 workshops), showing how to climb the evolutionary ladder in events.

In the morning, participants will be taken to new horizons by three speakers from outside event industry. These will not be standard keynote presentations: will be a true, (inter)active part of this conference. Walter Faaij will give the anthropological view on meetings and events, looking into how to study human corporate behavior. Michela Russo will give an overview about ‘The Evolution of Brands’ … And finally, Cyriel Kortleven will show how to explore new creativity.

In the afternoon, a wide variety of workshops will be offered to boost creativity, emotional experience and learning. Through a highly interactive and engaging programme, each and everyone will become a true participant. Just like everyone would expect in this era of co-creativity.


Event-tech evangelist James Morgan will take the audience back to the future: he will show how tech can maximize engagement, to make real co-creation happen.
Ben Moorsom will show the holy grail of events: the inside of the attendee’s mind. He studies experiences from the neurological perspective of participants, using data and research to influence design decisions.

Rockin’ 1000 is a roll model project of co-creation. In this session it will be possible to study the biggest rock bands in the world, to understand what the real value of co-creation is, what true co-creation looks like and how it is possible to apply it to your next event.

When African tribes take decisions that affect all, they involve all. Billy Selekane will take participants through the process, showing how tribes crowd source input and co-create execution. The modern conference might be found in ancient traditions.

The nature of our events originates from two things: evolution of the good things, and learning from past mistakes. More than any industry, ours is one of co-creation, cooperation and co production between all suppliers. Real co-creation also implies co-failing. Fritha Knudsen produced very successful events worldwide, but she also witnessed a fair amount of failures. She has a clear view on how everyone involved should cooperate and on how failures can be prevented, together. Co-creation is part of our human instinct. However, it doesn’t always happen by itself. Interaction and engagement specialist Martijn Timmermans will show you how to design for successful formats.

The nature of events is more and more about protecting the planet. Alejandra Hernández Zita will take you on an interactive trip to the Bea Nature Reservation: where events are no longer jeopardizing the earth. The nature of events is different, depending on where you travel. In this workshop, leading event professionals from various countries will take you on a field trip to their part of the world: Sabbas Joseph (India), Boris Alkhimovich (Russia) and Pedro Gameiro (Brazil). This is a great opportunity to learn, explore potential new markets and investigate new co-creative business opportunities. The nature of event is about evolution: only the events that adapt best, do survive.
‘Data Darwinism’ can revolutionize that process, if we can really understand the added value. Cesare Salvini will share his model for a data driven approach, as it was developed for Mercedes-Benz.

Moreover, Denise Dechamps will talk about body language and human behaviour and teach you how to improve your communication.

Elephant Prodige Award Presentations

This year, within the Bea World Festival, ADC Group has introduced the Elephant Prodige Award, a great platform for young talents from the international events industry. The competition aims at recognising the talent and creativity of the next generation of event professionals on a global stage, as well as showcasing their skills to the whole live communications industry. Lavazza will share a briefing to develop a live communication project. Participants, divided into random couples, will have 8 hours to shape a project that demonstrates their creative process, showing how the creative idea would be produced and it would connect with the organisation’s brand values, how it would engage with the target audience, its effectiveness in building relations with relevant stakeholders, and how it would be supported by a communication plan. Projects will be judged by the client and the winning team will be crowned live during the Best Event Award ceremony.

More details on the Festival’s agenda are available on the festival website.