Enjoy a unique perspective of Western Hungary that will remain forever etched in your memory

Glide gently over vineyards, quaint villages and the reed covered shores of Balaton in a hor air baloon. View the sailing boats on the lake, shining in the setting sun against the backdrop of volcanic mountains. Lake Heviz, known as one of the most picturesque lakes in Hungary is only a 1-hour drive from Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park.

Wow factorEnjoy a unique perspective of Western Hungary
Incentive type  Active/adrenaline experience
Best time of the year 1st of April until 31st of October
DurationThe duration of the whole trip is 3-4 hours
Location Lake Heviz, Hungary
Where to stay Why not add some relaxation and pampering to your trip. If you’re planning to stay in the interesting region of Western Hungary for longer, we recommend staying in Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, located in the region of the Raba river, at the junction of three countries, only a few tens of kilometers from Austria and Slovenia.

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Balaton Ballooning Kft.
Fenyves u. 2.
8372 Cserszegtomaj (Hévíz) Hungary
Hungary Phone: +36 20 403 2667
Managing director: Kollár Gábor

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