Matjaz Mohar GR
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Matjaž Mohar

Project Manager at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Matjaž was interested in event management already as a little boy, organizing local football matches, day trips with friends and similar events a 10 year old boy is capable of organizing. After attending the Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica in Portorož, he started his business career working in different Hotels in Slovenia and abroad , mostly working in the catering or MICE industry. His career path led him to GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, where as a Project Manager at the venue, he is responsible for keeping the events schedule as much filled as possible with congresses, conferences, concerts and basically all other type of events.

Q: What is your favourite meetings brand?

May sound cliché, but GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the biggest Exhibition and Convention center in the region, where we are successfully combining tradition, elegance and modern management, to bring you the best events. I think we are the best possible solution for your event regardless of size or purpose – fairs, congresses, concerts, you name it. So, off course, GR is my favourite meetings Brand.

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Looking back, I would like to say it was the decision to continue my studies abroad, in Portugal in my early twenties – far from home for the first time and without proper safety net. After that, the road was open for working and traveling outside of my home country. I went on a solo trip to Georgia, visiting poor regions, which was a big deal for me at the time, because I had to step fully out of my comfort zone. That for me is brave – it doesn’t make you a hero, but it makes you stronger and prepares you for things life throws your way.

Q: What’s your alternative career fantasy?

Sports. Being either a sports manager or a professional sports player. Probably being a football player, since I started playing the sport at the young age and am still playing it today …  And if I were a little bit taller, I would not mind being another Luka Dončić.

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment?

At this time, it must be work, since we are very busy at GR every end of the year. But besides work I am still obsessed with traveling around the world and using my free time to its full potential. I am eager to learn new things, meet new people and my job and traveling makes that happen. If that is obsession, so be it.

Q: Your goals before 50?

Personal goal – reaching a quality level of life where I can sit at the end of the day on my couch with a perfect view on the nature and Frank Sinatra singing on the radio in the background. With a glass of quality whisky in my hand, my dog on the left and a second wife on the right (I am guessing it’s going to be the second, since the statistic of divorces is still rising rapidly) ?.  On the serious note, I see myself as accomplished, open minded man as I know I can be. Now and in the future.

Business goal – To help Slovenian meetings industry reach its full potential as I still think we have loads of reserves, and to make the local meeting industry and GR especially even more known around the globe.