A family tradition of wine production, over 100 years old, was taken over by Miroslav Kovačević a decade ago, creating a new, modern winery, with the idea of introducing the wine and wine industry experiences of his father and his grandfathers with the help of state-of-the-art wine technology in the 21st century.

Opening wine roads of Fruška gora and development of wine tourism, in September 2010, near Irig, the Kovačević wine house was opened, as a need for wine lovers from the Kovačević wine cellar to have their place for pleasure and relaxation with delicious food and presentation of wine.


232-282 years – Marcus Aurelius Probus, a great Roman emperor, born in Srem, Sirmium, planted the first line on Fruška Gora, due to the characteristic climate he knew. According to history, he broke the forests and planted the vineyards again.


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Kovačević Winery
Krstašice bb
22406 Irig, Serbia
E: vinskakucakovacevic@gmail.com
W: http://vinarijakovacevic.com/en/

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