I run on good espresso

Q: What are the five things that get you going?

For me, it is all about challenging myself so the thrill of it is what keeps me going most of all. Otherwise, I run on good espresso, a quality glass of wine, superb food, relaxing chats with my nearest and dearest, and occasional running sessions.

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

When I think back, I would say that the bravest thing I have ever done was to always follow my desires and ambitions even from a young age, even though it quite often scared me. I left home at age 15, pursuing my sports career and saw quite a big part of Europe as a part of the Slovenian national biathlon team. Therefore, I was already quite independent and on my own during my high school years but the experience taught me a lot and it really moulded me into the person I am today.

Oh, and bungee jumping. As I am afraid of heights, definitely bungee jumping! Looks like I enjoy torturing myself. ☺

I am really passionate about the meetings and event industry

Q: If you had more hours in the day, what else would you dabble in?

I would definitely use the extra time to focus more on my original profession and my other passion besides meetings and events. I have a bachelor’s degree in biopsychology and I am currently working on my thesis and finishing my 5th year of specialisation in psychotherapy, so having my own psychotherapy office to use the extra hours would be a dream of mine.

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment?

I am currently working on my two theses, the one I mentioned in psychotherapy and on my master’s. And the last one is, of course, on the topic of the meetings and events industry and as the field is so dynamic and I am really passionate about it, I am obsessed with adding new chapters and examples to my thesis, making sure to really capture the breadth of the industry.

And eating. As a big, big foodie, I am trying not to miss out on any recommended Slovenian (or European) restaurants. ☺

Q: Your goals before 50?

My main goal is to sit down on my 50th birthday, preferably somewhere with an amazing view, with a glass of superb wine in my hand and reminisce on the past years with a big smile on my face. To reach that goal, I am eager to use all of my potentials and to stay as ambitious and driven as I am right now.

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