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GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will between 29 January and 1 February 2020 organize and host the 31st Alpe Adria Fair – International Fair for Green Active Tourism, Camping and Caravaning. In its 31st edition, the fair will for the first time host the HOSPEO Master 2020 – the Hospitality People Master Class. The 8-hour conference is organized by Flexyteam Ltd online marketing and education firm. Kongres Magazine talked to Flexyteam’s founder and managing director, Maja Križmančič, about the HOSPEO Master 2020, as well as about Flexyteam application that connects job seekers and job providers in events, hospitality and travels.

Q: Flexyteam is an application for connecting job seekers and job providers in events, hospitality and travels. How was it born?

I left my previous job, where I worked with my team for almost 20 years. When I started to build a new one, I realised that there is no tool on the market that could actually help me finding professional and flexible team members to join me onboard. Besides, I realised that there was an extreme shortage of hospitality professionals available on the market or willing to change their current job. I felt desperate, but my nature is always in search for solution. Thus, my next thought was to build an app to connect job seekers and job providers in a most simple way and improve the life of many hospitality professionals. That’s the story behind Flexyteam, a real-life frustration.

Q: How does the Flexytem application work?

As a job seeker, all you need to do is to download the Flexyteam app on your smart phone, create a profile with your working preferences and respond every time the job advert appear. You receive a notification which makes the process even more comfortable. Job providers have almost same protocol, beside advert configuration that enable us to offer any kind of job, from a student to a retired. My idea was to support flexible jobs in particular and for this reason we integrated a calendar and chat room, to plan your schedule and communicate instantly. That also enable us to create and receive short term jobs, just for a day or an hour.

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Photo credit: Flexyteam d.o.o.

Q: Can it connect the users also internationally or only locally?

The app is ready to function in Slovenian, English and Italian language. By now we are ready to operate in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia, but the technology is very flexible too and that allow us to make an app ready for just any country in  less than a day.

Q: At the Alpe-Adria fair in January you will take care of the HOSPEO Master 2020 – the Hospitality People Master Class. What kind of event is this?

HOSPEO Master is an educational-business event that raises awareness of the importance of human capital in the hospitality industry. The conference analyses and processes the dynamic, demanding, fast-changing and work-intensive environment of the global and local hospitality industry and prepares organisational leaders, decision makers and the workforce for the future, while drawing attention to NOW. HOSPEO Master places the working man at the center of current customer-oriented organisation and upgrades it with an employee-oriented leadership style.

Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Q: What will it present?

The HOSPEO Master 2020 program addresses two key topics: Hospitality Employer Brandingand Professional Training in Hospitality

The speakers will address the following issues:

  • The importance of employer branding in hospitality industry.
  • How to walk the talk?
  • The employer brand road map. How to create HR marketing personas and why we need them?
  • Are great employees born or made? Managers vs. Trainers. Why we need them?
  • How to establish a learning culture? Small vs. big sized company.
  • “ONBOARDING”. Do we have it and the importance of it?
  • What is the meaning of continuous training? What are the benefits of it?

What does it really take to ensure that we are hospitable? What is the role of knowledge and expertise in this? How to create conditions to make a company attractive on the labor market? How to evaluate, retain and develop staff in the hospitality industry? Are we ready for the changes that are necessary to silence the red alarm of the chronic shortage of these staff?

Q: Who should attend the event at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre?

The event is ready to welcome a non-homogenous group of hospitality professionals:

  • Executives / Chief learning Officers, Chief talent officers
  • Leaders / Corporate leaders who are passionate about developing people, Business owners and their managers
  • Professionals / Talent Development Professionals, Learning & Development Professionals, HR Leaders
  • Educators / Trainers, Coaches, Professors, Teachers, Influencers
  • Talented and passionate operational staff / Chefs, Front of House, Housekeeping, Front Office etc.
  • Students of hospitality faculties
  • Others / Consultants and authors or solution providers genuinely interested in coming to learn, contribute and grow

Hospitality decision makers and trend setters who are open enough to embrace the change.

Q: How will the conference benefit the attendees?

HOSPEO Master 2020 offers up to 8 hours of engaging, content-rich vocational and educational program and up to 10 speakers in one day. The event is a great opportunity for learning, networking and socialising. HOSPEO Master 2020 speakers are experts in the hospitality industry and beyond, who will support the main topic with expert knowledge and examples of good practice.

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