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Eden on earth

Szombathely has lots of lovely parks and a gorgeous, big arboretum. You can wander around on gravel paths and follow the brooks that slice through the city. There are lots of benches and hidden spots for a romantic walk and playgrounds for children. The Kámon Arboretum is a lovely spot – a huge area covered in all sorts of trees, lakes and brooks – an Eden on earth. Egrets, herons, and passerines are all inhabitants here, so this place is a must-visit for birdwatchers.


Kâmon Arboretum is located in the inner city of Szombathely . It covers an area of ​​27 hectares and is home to some 3200 species of tree and shrub species. The vegetation is especially spectacular in the late spring months. This is when the rhododendron flourishes around small artificial lakes formed by the water of the Gyöngyös stream.

Once upon a time, Kámon was an independent village, but now belongs to the northern part of Szombathely. In the 1860s Mihály Saághy, the landowner, began to build the arboretum. The landowner’s son, István Saághy, followed in the gardening and planted more than five hundred woody plants in the arboretum by the 1930s

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