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Hungary’s first open air ethnographic museum

Want to see how people lived 100-200 years ago? 

On the north-western confines of Zalaegerszeg, on the bank of the backwater of the river Zala, Hungary’s first open air ethnographic museum, the Göcsej Village Museum, lies in an environment of grassland and groves.


It was opened for the public in August 1968. In Hungary there are three open air ethnographic museums as well as historic examples of folk architecture, ensembles of such buildings, and regional houses preserved “in situ” in several places, to get their visitors acquainted with the vernacular architecture and interior decoration of the south-western borderland of the country. The regional unit representing Western Transdanubia is under construction in the Szentendre Village Museum. Its buildings will present the peasant houses of the Őrség (Vas County), Göcsej and Hetés (Zala County) complete with interior decoration.


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The Göcseji Village Museum, located in the town of Zalaegerszeg is only 30-minutes away from Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, an exquisite hotel resort with a rich spa and wellness offer.

Göcseji Village Museum
Falumuzeum street,
Zalaegerszeg 8900, Hungary
T: +36 92 703 295
E: muzeum@zmmi.hu

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