GEO GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
Photo credit: Jani Ugrin, GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will between 4 and 9 July 2020 host the 45th FEBS Congress. Slovenian Biochemical Society in cooperation with the European Federation of Biochemical Societies FEBS as the organiser and DEKON.SI as the PCO of the event are expecting more than 1,800 participants from 70 countries. The meeting will present the latest developments in biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, immunology and other similar sciences.

Programme of the meeting, which will be held under the auspices of President Borut Pahor, will consist of lectures in five parallel sections, a series of workshops, special professional meetings, trainings, youth meetings, etc. This is the largest scientific meeting in the field of life sciences in Slovenia. Additionally, the FEBS Congress is of great importance for the recognition of Slovenian science and a unique opportunity to present Slovenian scientific achievements in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology to the general public.

FIMS GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

In GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s halls, the most prominent researchers on a global scale will participate as invited speakers. Introductory lecturer, 1993 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Sir Richard J. Roberts (US), who is the originator of recombinant DNA technology that enabled the preparation of genetically modified organisms and the unprecedented development of biological drugs. Prof. dr. Roberts will present the views of the Nobel Prize-winning group he leads on the potential of this area of ​​science and biotechnology for humanity and the prejudices that still exist in the general public.

Emmanuelle Charpentier (Germany) is another lecturer that should be pointed out as she authored the Crisper/Cas gene modification process, which provides new effective approaches to gene therapy. Gene therapy opens up the possibility of treating diseases in which there has been no hope so far. Participants at the pre-FEBS three-day Young Scientist Forum will present the findings of their research to the international professional community.

EUROGEO GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Also, Slovenian and foreign general public will have an opportunity to join the meeting and learn from the biggest experts in the world. Science on the Road section is a specialty at the FEBS Congress. Through this section, researchers contribute to the awareness of the importance of science for economy and society. An event in English and Slovenian for the general public will present the extent of environmental pollution caused by plastics alone.

FEBS 2020 held in GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will allow more investments, additional funding and increased interest of foreign students and scholars in this kind of research in Slovenia. Congress is also a great platform for international scientific exchange and the presentation of the latest foreign developments in this field. Thus, DEKON.SI is bringing to Slovenia a truly important congress for Slovenia’s recognition in the world of science.

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