Moderation is a professional skill you acquire through experience. It’s all about interaction, interviewing, group dynamics, and leading discussions and processes. The best way to learn it is through plenty of practice and by watching the experts.

Mastering moderation is a two-day training course with lots of individual attention, where two seasoned professionals will train a small group of people and help them practice every aspect of the profession. The workshops are led by Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur, who between them have dozens of years’ of experience and hundreds of meetings under their belts.

The only way to master moderation is by doing and the workshop includes practice, practice and practice. During the intensive course all the basic skills of the profession will be covered. The topics include chairing the meeting, moderating, interviewing, meeting design, podium presence and presenting. In this fast-paced workshop tips and immediate feedback from two seasoned professionals will be readily available. The workshop is limited to 12 participants, ensuring plenty of individual attention. In the span of two days, the course promises to give a clear idea of what the profession involves and help the participants on their road to becoming experts in the field.

Meet the trainers

Jan-Jaap In der Maur

Jan-Jaap In der Maur is a moderator-facilitator, owner of Masters in and writer-director of corporate films. He uses questions as his most important tools and is not easily satisfied by an answer. Neither during the meeting itself nor at the development stage. He spurs on his clients to get thinking about what their true goal is and they value his support during the preparatory phase. On the day of the event itself Jan-Jaap likes to get people thinking; his conviction is that only by shaking things up and asking probing questions can you arrive at new insights. He’s always on the lookout for substance and interaction. Be it while exchanging knowledge, fostering mutual understanding, collaborating or looking for solutions.

Kim Coppes

Kim Coppes is a moderator-facilitator, drama workshop leader, interviewer and trainer in presentation technique, leadership & collaboration, and communication. As a moderator she’s as sharp as she’s disarming. Kim’s skills can be mobilised in a wide range of contexts: her personality makes her able to truly connect with any group. She works in a way that’s relaxed, alert and humorous all at the same time. With her broad interests, there’s virtually no subject she can’t tackle. And her substantial experience makes her suitable for practically any concept, be it in a huge conference hall or a small management setting, from a serious debate to a lively awards show.

The next workshop will be in Vienna, Austria on 25 & 25 of June 2020. After the workshop is fully booked, new dates will be announced. Workshops can also be provided in-company.

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