The Exportdrvo building is being refurbished by the Rijeka Port Authority, which owns the hall and is a partner of the European Capital of Culture project.

The Exportdrvo hall has an area of 5,400 m2. Following the refurbishment, it will become a new old location where the residence of Rijeka, numerous visitors and passers-by will be able to enjoy exhibitions, concerts and festivals at the hall, while in the following year, the adjacent Grobnik Riva will be transformed from a parking space into a public zone where the people of Rijeka and the many visitors can socialise.


The Exportdrvo hall was built as part of a project carried out by the Novak architecture firm from Zagreb in 1961 for the purpose of designing the first modern storage facility for final wood products transported through the Rijeka port. The hall was named after the investor, the Exportdrvo timber export business. The storage facility was designed as an outdoor structure, where the goods were supposed to be unloaded using wagons on three sidings and loaded by an overhead crane with a weight capacity of 3 tonnes. At the time, it was considered one of the most modern storage facilities in the region. When it was put into operation, railway tracks led into the storage facility, which was also equipped with two mobile cranes. Today, the building is primarily a storage facility, although it has also been used as a venue for various cultural, art and music events over the past decade.

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