Discover the most beautiful view of the town and visit the landmark – Tabor Laško Castle. Taste “Laško beer”, regional wine and delicious refreshments, or treat yourself with a culinary delight.


The Pavus Restaurant presents local, seasonal, creative cuisine, so visit one of the most exciting dining destinations in Slovenia – ranked as one of the best 15 by culinary critics. In the summer we will welcome you on the castle’s courtyard, and in winter, in the warm shelter of the castle tower. The castle is named Grad Tabor and it was built in 11. century. It is a relatively small building and was used as a hunting base for the Counts of Celje. At some point in history, it was also an administrative centre and even a courthouse. There were some efforts to revive the castle as a restaurant but unsuccessful until the brewery decided to completely renovate the castle. Since then the castle is home to a restaurant.

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Tabor Castle Laško
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