Needless to say, the first quarter of 2020 has thrown us a curve ball like never before. To say that this is a trying time would be an understatement, but it is not impossible for us to endure this crisis if we are united.

The business events industry is taking a serious hit just as the rest of the tourism industry. We have had five events cancelled and six events postponed to later parts of the year for now. The first blow came to us with the cancellation of V-Malaysia which was scheduled to take place next month.

To contain COVID-19, bold and difficult measures need to be taken as shown by governments around the world and our own as well. We commend organisers for taking precautionary actions to ensure public wellbeing. At the same time, PCEB is continuously working with organisers – be it of events postponed or cancelled – to ensure that when they are ready to host the event again, Penang is ready to welcome them.

COVID-19 country ranking

PCEB team continues to communicate and maintain good rapport with the local hosts, corporates and our valued clients from all around the world. It is our role to address their concerns and to give them confidence that despite the current setback, Business Events Penang is dedicated to ensuring the success of future events.

We are also actively working on new leads engagement, strengthening existing affinity and preparing bid papers for conferences to take place from 2023 – 2026 in Penang. Winning bids for conferences to take place in Penang is a collective effort. We are truly thankful to our partners for your support and assistance. We will continue to reach out to you should we need your assistance to power the bids.