The oldest wine-growing region in Hungary

Vas County, with its capital of Szombathely, is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Hungary. The first written records of wine production in Vas County date back to 1279. Szombathely is one of western Hungary’s most important cities, but there is another charming town in Vas County that is often overlooked. Kőszeg, known as the “Jewel Box of the Country” is a small town with a romantic historical centre. It’s also famous for its high quality wines. Situated at the foot of the Alps, the town has a typical sub-Alpine microclimate and a hard, clayey terroir. These two elements produce full-bodied wines that are rich in acids and tannins. Kőszeg is particularly well known for the Kékfrankos, or Blaufränkisch grape variety and strong dark red wines such as Zweigelt and Blauburger. They also produce some splendid Merlots, Cabernet Savignons and Pinot Noirs, as well as a number of lesser known gems such as the light, Hungarian red, “Kadarka” and the inimitable “Cserszegi Spicy”.

Kőszeg (Wikimedia Commons)

A visit to Vas County is a must for any wine enthusiast, not only for the splendid and often rare wines, but also for the atmosphere of a tradition that dates back centuries. Wine here is everything, from the quaint thatched wine presses that dot the countryside around Oszkó, to the Wine Museum and Gallery in the picturesque town of Kőszeg. A perfect way to visit to the vineyards is along the Kőszeg-Vashegy Wine Road where no one can resist stopping off in a traditional wine cellar and sampling some of the local vintages. The wine road itself is breathtaking and there is plenty of places, where you can stop and enjoy the panorama of the Kőszeg hills.

Don’t forget the numerous wine festivals held here, either, especially the annual Kőszeg Grape Harvest celebrations, with its splendid wines and truly unique atmosphere.

Secret Wine – A Journey

Check out this beautifully-shot video by VinestNetwork Wine Areas, showing a tour of the Vas County vineyards and discovering the enchanting town of Kőszeg.

Wow factorExplore the oldest wine-growing region in Hungary
Incentive type  Culinary experience
Best time of the year All year round
Location Vas County, Hungary
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