Loop Email
Photo credits: Loop Email

If you are part of a company that has recently decided to close the office doors and work from home, keep on reading. The current conditions, stemming from the coronavirus pandemic that is rapidly reaching all parts of the world, have us facing a number of challenges. Working from home might be needed to overcome the pandemic, but it presents new issues and concerns for the teams.

We are facing a unique situation; one we have not experienced before and where it is not certain how long the severe measures will last. This calls for rapid adjustments and the introduction of new arrangements. One of the common issues with working remotely is delayed team communication. Better cooperation and a more efficient workflow can easily be achieved with the installation of a communication application or better yet, one that connects all your working tasks through e-mail. A Slovenian start-up has developed an app that could be the solution to your problems – Loop Email.

Bringing e-mail, messaging and files together will let you manage
most of your business content in one single app.

Loop Email combines your e-mail, chat and a number of other functions all in one application. This enables the team to simplify communication and make working with colleagues remotely a lot more efficient. It transforms your e-mail into a powerful collaboration hub by organizing client e-mails, important documents and internal discussions all in one place. It is easy to set up and it works with any popular e-mail operator+ such as Gmail, Outlook, Office365, IMAP, etc. Sending e-mails to people who are not using Loop Email won’t change but communicating with everyone in the loop will be that much easier.