In the last 14 days, we have gotten a lot of messages about web conferencing and webinars from our clients. For many companies, institutions, and schools, the current pandemic means having to adjust their processes and go 100% remote – and do it as quickly as possible. While searching for the best way to carry out business meetings and online presentations, Gorazd Čad, Editor in Chief of Kongres Magazine came across ClickMeeting, an innovative webinar solution from Poland. After testing a bunch of platforms, he ended up going with ClickMeeting as the best solution for virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings are an excellent way to bring people closer

Whether it’s reaching out to a global audience and raising awareness about your brand, demonstrating your expertise or creating a dynamic learning environment for meetings industry experts, right now, virtual events are the way to go. They give people who work together remotely the opportunity to meet regularly; they save time and money. Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose one of the three ways to connect with your audience online:

  • Listen-only, where your attendees can listen to you, but can’t ask questions
  • Presenters only, where presenters can talk to each other without being heard by the participants
  • Discussion, where up to 25 attendees can speak to each other – this will turn your webinar into a proper online meeting, where people can collaborate, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

Try out ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting has a 7-day free trial and we highly recommend their services.

The Most Affordable Meetings On The Market

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