Unique culinary adventure below ground

In order to engage all of the five senses, the dinner is going to take place 160 m underground in a unique subterranean coal mining museum. The combination of a raw industrial environment and exquisite gastronomic pleasures is a guarantee for an exceptional and one of a kind incentive for the participants.

Photo Credit: Velenje Underground

The dinner is made out of fresh, locally produced food. It is diligently prepared in accordance with traditional recipes of Villa Herberstein and is served together with exquisite wines. Vila Herbestein prides itself with an experienced and well-trained cooking team. Last year, they were among the top 10 restaurants in the region and among 50 top restaurants in Slovenia. This year they were selected by the Franch Embassy into an elite group of 13 Slovenian restaurants. This group of restaurants was a part of the biggest French dinner in the world – Goute de France.

Wow factorExcellent cuisine 160 m underground in a subterranean coal mining museum
Type of ExperienceCulinary experience
Duration2 hours
Location Velenje, Slovenia

Get in touch

Šalek Valley tourist board
Stari Trg 3
Velenje, Slovenia

T: +386 3 896 17 15


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