The online series Eventex Creative Week is releasing special episodes on the challenges the event industry is facing due to the COVID19 pandemic. The episodes are called “Shut up, COVID, the industry’s talking!” and will be broadcast on 8-10 April. Eventex gives the floor to experienced industry professionals to share their thoughts, know-how, and ideas on how to navigate through the current crisis and what comes next.

Ovanes Ovanessian

Co-founder of Eventex Awards

“Even if it feels like the whole world has stopped, it’s our firm belief that we can work together and overcome the challenges ahead. That’s why we decided to postpone our original Creative Week series and create these “emergency” episodes to unite and support the event community in these difficult times.”

“Special thanks to everyone who responded so quickly and took part in these series. This goes to show again that the people in our industry are extremely flexible, quick to react and supportive. It’s why I believe the industry will come out even stronger from the crisis”, comments Ovanes Ovanessian, Co-founder of Eventex Awards.


Some of the topics covered in the series include crisis and reputation management in the current situation, how to modify your services during the pandemic period, the legal side of things, how to support your clients and employees, and lots of other useful information. All topics and speakers are available here.