Matjaž Žnidaršič

In the series of Slice of Life interviews, we are trying to get a look behind the business side of our business partners and well-known industry names. We explore what makes them tick and what occupies their day and thoughts when they are not at work. Keep on reading for a glimpse of Matjaž Žnidaršič in his spare time.

Q: What gets you going in the morning?

My wife :)

Q: What is a personal project you are currently working on or wish you were?

Being the best Granddad in the world to my firstborn grandson (born just last month).

Q: How do you spend a normal weekend?

When not quarantined, I play golf. Unless urgent house maintenance or other chores are on the agenda.

Matjaž Žnidaršič

Q: What are your hobbies/what do you do for fun?

Golf is on the top of the list and it doesn’t leave much time for other things except skiing in the winter.

Q: What do you count as your biggest non-work related achievement?

My son and the beautiful relations I have with all my family, my side as well as my wife’s side.

Q: How are you known among your friends?

I like to believe my friends see me as someone who is kind, intelligent and has a great sense of humour. Although to get an objective answer, we would have to ask my friends.

Q: What is your absolutely favorite place in Slovenia that you love to visit and why?

Bled and Moravske Toplice. Why? See questions two and three :).

Q: What kind of conference would you like to attend if you could choose?

Revenue management in a period of demand crises.

Q: What is your best source of information?

The Internet, of course.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I liked Miro Hribar’s interview: “The crisis for our industry didn’t start in March, but much earlier” in Kongres Magazine, Friday’s top pick – 10/04/2020.

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