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In times when we must practice social distancing and all live events, meetings and conferences have been cancelled, virtual meet ups are the only option left. In case you are not an experienced user of virtual meetings software the choice can be overwhelming. A multitude of providers claim they have the perfect solution, but how to decide?

To spare you the search in the vast sea of possibilities, we will daily present the best and most popular virtual meetings software, to let you choose the one that truly meets your needs.

BlueJeans Meetings

A simple, immersive, and fast one-touch meeting experience that connects people from anywhere on any device. Instantly join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting from a conference room, your desk or a remote location. Then engage in a productive virtual meeting with the power of immersive HD video and Dolby Voice® audio.

Setup and configuration

No need to download or install an application. Simply join full-featured video meetings right from your favourite browser. With immersive video and spatial audio, you’ll be collaborating face-to-face within seconds.

Recording limits

Depending on the chosen BlueJeans plan, the meetings can last up to 5 or 25 hours.

Pricing and plans

BlueJeans Meetings offers three pricing plans. BlueJeans Standard costs $9.99 per month and is limited to 50 participants and 5-hour-long conferences. BlueJeans Pro costs $13.99, hosts up to 75 participants for up to 25 hours and offers command centre analytics. BlueJeans Enterprise is tailored to your company and the price depends on the desired services. You can get a quote here.

5 advantages

  1. In-app intelligence captures the most important discussion points, assigns action items, and quickly replays meeting highlights.
  2. Time-saving solutions manage and prioritize post-meeting follow-through to bring projects to completion and establish accountability across the organization.
  3. Dolby Voice provides natural, high definition sound and cancels out background noise.
  4. Provides seamless integration into applications you already use like Facebook, Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack and more.
  5. Records your video, audio, and shared content to immediately share post-meeting.


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