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In times when we must practice social distancing and all live events, meetings and conferences have been cancelled, virtual meet ups are the only option left. In case you are not an experienced user of virtual meetings software the choice can be overwhelming. A multitude of providers claim they have the perfect solution, but how to decide?

To spare you the search in the vast sea of possibilities, we will daily present the best and most popular virtual meetings software, to let you choose the one that truly meets your needs.


ClickMeeting is a complete webinar solution for businesses, large and small. It is a way to meet your team members, business partners, customers, and freelancers scattered all over the globe. You can easily get together and collaborate in one video conferencing room to discuss, show slides and share your screen with others. The platform is also great for teaching and educational materials can be easily displayed, there is a whiteboard feature and polls that can be used for tests and exams. ClickMeeting is also suitable for large conferences. You can easily gather dozens of presenters and hundreds or thousands of attendees in one virtual conference room.

Setup and configuration

ClickMeeting can be used online from your preferred browser or download the application to your smartphone.

Recording limits

There are no recording limits with ClickMeeting.

Pricing and plans

ClickMeeting offers three different pricing plans. The Live plan costs €26 per month and offers video conferencing and live webinars. The Automated plan costs €39 per month and offers live, automated and on-demand webinars. The Enterprise plan is completely customized to the needs of the organization and pricing is determined based on the client’s wishes. There is also a 7-day free trial for meetings up to 5 people and webinars of maximum 25 attendees.

5 advantages

  1. Custom branding and invitations.
  2. Analytics of calls and meetings.
  3. Registration page to collect information about participants.
  4. Waiting room with agenda before the call starts.
  5. Possible automated webinars with pre-recorded content.


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