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In times when we must practice social distancing and all live events, meetings and conferences have been cancelled, virtual meet ups are the only option left. In case you are not an experienced user of virtual meetings software the choice can be overwhelming. A multitude of providers claim they have the perfect solution, but how to decide?

To spare you the search in the vast sea of possibilities, we will daily present the best and most popular virtual meetings software, to let you choose the one that truly meets your needs.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

With Microsoft Teams Meetings you can host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone. It offers features such as scheduling assistance, meeting note taking, screen sharing, meeting recording, and instant messaging. You can hold any meeting live – large meetings, webinars, company-wide events and presentations with up to 10.000 attendees inside or outside your organization. Let people join meetings on the go with a global dial-in number or contact each other directly. Additionally, Microsoft Teams meeting solution helps automate the full life cycle of meetings, from scheduling to follow-up, and saves you time so you can be focused and empowered to get more done.

Setup and configuration

Microsoft Teams Meetings is an application that has to be installed on your PC or smartphone.

Recording limits

There are no recording limits with Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Pricing and plans

For all Office 365 E5 users, Audio Conferencing is included. For all Office 365 E1 or E3, Audio Conferencing is available for a $4.00/month add-on fee.

5 advantages

  1. Seamless integration with Office 365 for sharing content and collaboration.
  2. Meeting recording options and automatic transcription.
  3. Chat and share files with attendees before the meeting.
  4. Leverage AI for more effective meetings.
  5. Highly secure meeting experience.

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