International brand experience company Cook & Associates, has today unveiled a new event concept, Exhibition 3.0, designed to combine the latest digital tools within a fully interconnected custom-designed event environment. Representing a significant evolution in strategic event management, Exhibition 3.0 provides a powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution for online events, as well as a dynamically configurable complement to physical exhibitions.

The result of intensive development and testing, Cook & Associates’ Exhibition 3.0 portfolio is suitable for a wide cross-section of applications, from full-scale events for large audiences of 500+ to specialist training solutions designed to overcome social distancing challenges and ensure that organisations can operate successfully. Exhibition 3.0 incorporates proven digital tools in a uniquely customisable environment, with the comprehensive component options including fully interactive live AR virtual stages, virtual collaboration spaces and meeting places with different communications options, as well as VR elements and customer-specific designed smart content. Each project is individually designed to deliver memorable experiences, secure brand engagement and provide a fully managed event solution.


Kim Bradbury

Cook & Associates’ Managing Director

Exhibition 3.0 represents a completely new approach to staging events, with the emphasis on connecting people in the virtual world without losing the human touch, as Cook & Associates’ Managing Director Kim Bradbury explains:

“Our clients rely on us to create compelling solutions that deliver brand engagement and surpass expectations, whatever the event environment involved. Recent circumstances have reinforced the need for ingenuity and the ability to think out of the box, which is the driving force behind our Exhibition 3.0 concept. Over the years, we have invested extensively in the development of interactive brand activation tools, conceiving a hybrid combination of customisable, easily configurable digital and face-to-face communication options. Exhibition 3.0 addresses the limitations associated with conventional one-way communications options, such as live streaming, by offering flexible multi-tiered options, with each project being custom-designed to meet the brief, deliver on strategy and above all, ensure customer engagement and maintain the human touch.”

“In the absence of major events such as the Farnborough International Air Show this year, many of our clients are already turning to our Exhibition 3.0 solution as a genuinely dynamic and compelling alternative. Organisations benefit from the hallmark Cook & Associates’ blend of creativity, inspirational design, innovative digital technology and execution excellence. We are excited to be working on our first full-scale projects for delivery later this summer. We believe that Exhibition 3.0 will become an important element in future event strategies, integrating seamlessly with physical events to provide an exciting new dynamic.”

The driving force behind Cook & Associates’ Exhibition 3.0 development is a team of dedicated developers, marketeers and AV technologists, headed up by Brand Experience Architect Yvar Brouwer. Between them they share over 300 man-years’ expertise across a multitude of disciplines and platforms, working to create flexible and cost-effective solutions to help brands thrive in the digital era.

Cook & Associates has a long-standing track record as strategic exhibition design and management partner, supporting leading blue-chip brands at aerospace and aviation events around the world. A key element involves innovative design and execution, integrating new technologies that provide a cutting-edge differentiation to clients’ exhibits. Underpinning the front-end delivery is an expert team that ensures seamless production with stable connectivity.

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