Maja Bosanac - Eventful

Q: Firstly, how did you end up in the event industry?

Since I was a child, I liked to organize everything! From birthdays, anniversaries, surprises, up to big family lunches or similar occasions. I went to the Faculty of Economics & Business in Zagreb to learn more about the business side of entrepreneurship and after finishing my Master’s Degree, I went to England to study for my second Master’s Degree in Global Meetings and Events Management. There, I’ve learned so much about event management in general but also saw so many examples of what can be done and what is done around the world and I knew event management will be my future.

Q: Your focus is on sustainable events. What encouraged you to choose this path?

As I mentioned before, while studying in England, I saw the magic behind the curtain. One of my subjects was Sustainability and Ethics in Events and it was so interesting, but also it was the “right feeling inside me” kind of job. When I learned more and more about sustainability, I knew it would be the centre of events which I would organize after finishing college. I think that when you do something right, for you, for your community, for the environment… You will get the best reward you can get – peace inside you and that feeling of fulfilment not every job can give you.

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Q: You are the first EEE Event Manager in Croatia. What does that mean?

EEE stands for Ecology, Efficiency and Ethics. I think those are the main characteristics of me as a person in business and private life, but also it is Eventful’s policy as an event management agency. I believe in what I do, and I’ve decided to reflect that same passion, beliefs and sense of justice and ethics in my business because I strongly believe that when you do what you are, you are better at it.

“Plan for any occasion, have multiple plans, and always check everything twice.”

Q: If you could give one tip to someone organizing an event, what would it be?

It is hard to give just one piece of advice, but if I had to choose only one it would be: “Plan for any occasion, have multiple plans, and always check everything twice.”

Q: Is there an event you are especially proud of?

Yes! There is one event I’m especially proud of and that is the Mind, Body and Soul conference. It is the first sustainable conference in Croatia in which we also connected the sustainability of ourselves as humans and the main topics are personal growth, healthy lifestyle, healthy food and a healthy mind. At first, it started as a case study to all event organizers that you can easily plan a sustainability conference, but it turned out to be so much more! It is one of those projects you are so proud of, and you want to tell everyone about it! Even more when it benefits the environment, community but also every participant.


Q: In your opinion, what will the next big trends in the event industry be?

I believe the next big trend will be virtual events, but only on platforms which give more to participants. The reason why I believe that is the case is the fact that in this pandemic period every event is uncertain, and every organizer is crazy if they are planning only on-site event. I hope next year will bring us all changes and sustainability will experience a boom in events in Croatia. Actually, I secretly hope that will be the case because we are falling behind all other countries where sustainability is a standard, not just an exception.

Q: What will events of the future look like?

As I said in the previous question, I believe that this year’s events will go online, for obvious reasons. In the next year, I hope that will change and we will return to our on-site events full of ideas, creative solutions and sustainable concepts!

Maja Bosanac - Eventful

Q: The COVID-19 crisis has put a stop to live events. What is your opinion on virtual events?

I need to say, I’m not a big fan of virtual events because I believe that experience one participant can get at a live event can never be replaced with an online event. However, I’m currently working with an IT firm Agilos IT and we have a plan to put a platform on the market in the next few months which will be a few steps ahead of everything we currently have on the Croatian market. It will never be able to compensate for all things you can do when participating in on-site events, but it will be really close!

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