Several event venues and production companies in Tallinn have joined forces and are using state-of-the-art technology to offer ways to create virtual events.

Tallinn Creative Hub was the first venue to open a virtual event solution in Tallinn during the crisis. The facility has been one of the most popular event venues in Tallinn for many years, and now during these uncertain times, the Creative Hub is still one of the leading spaces for events, albeit virtually.

This march, in cooperation with Miltton New Nordics and Eventech, Royal Experience, Minu Rada TV, Valge Klaar and Telia Estonia, the Creative Hub became home to a large studio, which allows events for up to 3000 virtual attendees. The studio has already hosted 50 wide-ranging public and private events. Some of these have included conferences and press conferences, book launches and even a charity stand-up comedy show. The service has also been exported to Finland and Germany.

The new format for events has led to new creative ways to make virtual gatherings run more smoothly. This includes an in-house app to make using PowerPoint slides easier, and technical solutions to make it easier for an event moderator to communicate with the technical team without pausing the event itself.


Recently, another large event venue in Tallinn opened an event studio. The Onlive PROTO studio is located at Noblessner Foundry, near the coast of Tallinn. Onlive PROTO has three studios of different sizes and offers a completely contactless experience for both the event organiser and attendees.

Radisson Blu Sky hotel in central Tallinn has joined MIND media studio to create their own virtual event solution as well. They offer live broadcasts from the hotel’s conference centre, along with the opportunity to record the entire event, and make it available for rebroadcast and download.

Virtual Event Solutions