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In times when we must practice social distancing and all live events, meetings and conferences have been cancelled, virtual meet ups are the only option left. In case you are not an experienced user of virtual meetings software the choice can be overwhelming. A multitude of providers claim they have the perfect solution, but how to decide?

To spare you the search in the vast sea of possibilities, we will daily present the best and most popular virtual meetings software, to let you choose the one that truly meets your needs.


GoExhibit has been building virtual trade shows for 14 years. They are in constant contact with their clients and are continuously developing new features to execute a flawless trade show experience. They havecommitted to develop an online virtual trade show solution for event planners to easily manage and showcase each event planners’ exhibitors. It is an easy solution to showcase your vendors, members or other exhibitors in the most dynamic environment on the web. And it’s on your website!

Setup and configuration

GoExhibit can be accessed online in your favourite browser.

Recording limits

There are no recording limits with GoExhibit.

Pricing and plans

Three pricing plans are available. The Basic plan costs $279 per month and has all the features of the two more expensive plans with the exception of customized exhibit booth designs. The Optimal plan costs $279 per month with 3 months prepay and offers 5 customized exhibit booth designs. The Ultimate plan costs $279 per month with 6 months prepay and offers 20 customized exhibit booth designs.

5 advantages

  1. Custom graphic design.
  2. Database management.
  3. Website setup.
  4. Live video and chat interaction at booths.
  5. Flash Player or third-party plugins not required.

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